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Guangdong Lile pharmaceutical packaging material Co. Ltd. is the predecessor of Dongguan Zhongsheng pharmaceutical packaging material Co. Ltd, established in June 1992.

In July 2013 the company changed the name to Dong Guan Lile pharmaceutical packaging material Co. Ltd . And in November 2016, it was taken over by Yipin Pharmaceutical Group, and Changed the name to Guangdong Lile pharmaceutical packaging material Co. Ltd. As present.

Guangdong pharmaceutical packaging materials Co. Ltd. tookover the Tubex (Jiangmen) packaging materials Co. Ltd. at the December 2016. As Tubex was a German invested company with high quality imported production line s from Germany, advance technology and managements, this merge made the Guangdong LiLe became the first class of manufacturer in cosmetics and food packaging industry. At same time, Guangdong LiLe made further expantion by setting up a new factory next to the Tubex factory. By rehiring all workers and management from Tubex, ,the new factory of Guangdong Lile keeps stable production quality.

GMP & Quality ensurance
The new factory is designed and constructed in accordance with GMP requirements. The production environment was purified and modified strictly as per pharmaceutical packing material manufacturing guidline for GMP. With the production condition of 100,000 class clean areas from the annealing process and the constant temperature, our products are fully guaranteed complying the CFDA standards and BS2006:1984 "British standard specification for aluminum collapsible tubes".

We imported high-speed aluminium tube production line from Germany which speed is 180p/min

The company will equipped 5 automatic production lines, annual production capacity will more than 200 million.

According to the difference demands from customers, the flexible tube products produced by the company can be designed according to the difference of the customer's requirements. Products by head forms can be divided into: membrane tube, open and nasal tube three series; aluminum tube diameter can be divided according to the diameter of 13.5mm ~ 40mm and other specifications.

Printing & Designs
The tube inner lacquer can choose the corresponding contents according to the characteristics of materials in spraying. It ensured the contents of aluminum and isolated. Body color printing with six color printing technology. It’s the world's most advanced technology and fully meets the specific requirements of different customers. The end of the tube coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive, ensuring the absolute closure. And the cleaning head, no danger of anything going wrong; nipple, special cap, special thread, special wall thickness, tube shoulder marking special technique provides sufficient choice for customers.

Lile tubes with advantage of safety, health, corrosion resistance, no leakage, beautiful appearance, convenient usage, green environmental protection and other features, and full implementation of the GMP standards for pharmaceutical companies, it is widely used in Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Fine Chemicals, and Food industry.

S table quality, on time delivery, rapid response for after-sales service are the keys of successful that made Lil e’ s leading position in the industry. For your satisfaction and trust, we keep beyond of our competitors. Guangdong Lile rel ies on it’s scientific management, sincere service and the wisdom and cooperation of all staff, must becoming the domestic first-class and competitive pharmaceutical packaging material manufacturer .

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